SF State is committed to responsible and ethical use of Generative AI (Gen AI). 

This website provides an introduction to how SF State is discussing Gen AI, while highlighting its applications in various academic disciplines, covering the potential of Gen AI in research, content creation and problem-solving.

You will find resources, information and support for faculty, students and staff to explore the technology's potential.


Sensemaking Through Community - Teaching, Learning and Discovery 

Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) has rapidly disrupted higher education institutions, particularly faculty classrooms, and has raised numerous questions as to how to best respond to the changes brought about by this new technology. At San Francisco State University, our faculty have experienced three straight years of technological disruption – a pivot to remote instruction, a learning management system (LMS) transition and now Gen AI. But what makes Gen AI different is its furious pace of change with software like ChatGPT adding new capabilities in increments of weeks while longstanding campus software are rushing to release new “AI-powered” features. 

Faculty are reacting in different ways. Some are curious. Some are concerned. But most are realizing that Gen AI is not going away and prohibition in their classrooms is out-of-their-control as students are being exposed to evolving ways of approaching coursework, completing assignments and studying.   

Academic Technology (AT) and the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) have partnered to facilitate a campus response to Gen AI. Our approach is simple – Sensemaking through Community – in this disruptive phase of Gen AI, we need to understand the opportunities and risks posed to our community, to instruction, and to our students’ success, by bringing together faculty exactly where they are at – overwhelmed, curious, concerned, excited.  We will explore opportunities with those experimenting in their classrooms. We will hear the voices of our students and learn of their needs and aspirations. We will create resources to guide instructors toward effective classroom approaches. 

We cannot wish Gen AI away. But we can come together as a campus, share expertise and experience, and bring forward what makes SF State unique – our equity focused mission, our care for students and learning, and our place in San Francisco, the epicenter of the Gen AI revolution. Welcome to the SF State Generative AI website! Join us and your colleagues in making sense of these changes and charting a course toward Teaching, Learning and Discovery.

Anoshua Chaudhuri, Senior Director of The Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL)

Andrew Roderick, Assistant Vice President of Academic Technology


Our vision for this website is to offer objective and informative resources that provide educators and students current information about the applications, implications, and ethical considerations of Gen AI. We endeavor to equip learners with resources to make informed decisions regarding the use of these quickly evolving technologies.


  • Define Gen AI in a Higher Educational Context
  • Highlight Potential Gen AI Applications

  • Share Practical Instructor Use Cases of Gen AI

  • Discuss Ethical and Critical Gen AI

  • Identify Gen AI Tools and Resources

  • Build a Network of Support Around Use of Gen AI

  • Offer Professional Development

  • Share Support and Resources